Between Borders (1984)

Dunn was waiting, stretched out naked on a chenille covered motel bed too short for his length, gazing at a television. Between his dangling feet Rita Hayworth and Everett Sloane were blasting away with pistols, shooting for the hearts of love, betrayal and each other in Orson Welles’ black&white funhouse mirror maze. Finally The End […]

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Bringing The Dogs

Bringing The Dogs Cave drawing outside Austin, Texas Luther caught the vivid scent on a slight southeasterly gust as beside him his mother still dreamed of rabbits. China’s arthritic legs gamely jerked in her sleeping chase, kicking traces of pursuit from her paws through the dust beneath the cedar deck that extended from the big […]

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NarcoGuerra Times: The Faith-Based Cartel

The drug cartel La Familia Michoacana is, as one Mexican intelligence analyst put it, “unique.” From all available information so far, it appears that La Familia has developed into a faith-based right-wing populist social movement emanating from and orchestrated by an organization that happens to be a well-armed, well-financed violent criminal enterprise. La Familia has branched out from the […]

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NarcoGuerra Times–Los Zetas News

Two news stories today on the near-mythical Los Zetas. (I’ll be posting much more on them later.)  Reuters’ Robin Emmott reports from Durango: A fight for control of the mountainous state of Durango has killed some 235 people this year, a jump in violence that poses a new challenge to troops already struggling to contain bloodshed along […]

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