Thoughts, documents, scraps, photographs, dreams, false starts, film clips, mistakes, marginalia and excerpts as I proceed with a new book project. A number of the people and events presented are historical and provably true, some are probably true and others outright fabulations. It’s a moving proposition. Hope you find it of interest.




My by-line has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers over the past few decades including Playboy, The Nation, Mother Jones,  The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, US News&World Report, Rolling Stone, High Times, Crawdaddy, Austin Chronicle, New Times, LA Style, San Francisco Examiner, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Sun-Times, Ireland On Sunday and Southern, also as correspondent to Reuters Miami/Caribbean bureau, and before all that, in years long gone wandering, as associate editor and film columnist at the Berkeley Barb. In later years there were stints as senior intelligence analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center and as consultant and writer to a strange array of clients that included 60 Minutes, MSNBC, 48 Hours, NBC Dateline, CBS Evening News, Newsweek, Medley Global Advisors, the Searchlight Trust and several DOJ Joint Terrorism Task Forces.

Dead Ends The Pursuit, Prosecution, and Execution of Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos, Open Road Media (ebook edition) 2016

Dead Ends, St. Martins Press NYC, 1992, revised edition with Prologue and Epilogue,(print edition) 2004

Fascism: Post-war Fascisms, “Virtual Reich”, Routledge (London & New York) 2004

The Playboy Book of True Crime, “Toxic Terror”, Playboy Books 2007

Violence and Terrorism, Tenth Annual Edition, “Homegrown Terrorism”, McGraw-Hill 2008

Poetry: Desperate Acts, Full Count Press 1984 (see if you can find it. I dare you.)

 Fiction“Burning the Deer”, Easy Orbit: Sixteen Illustrated Stories by Austin and Central Texas Writers, Tilted Planet Press 1986


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