NarcoGuerra Times–Los Zetas News

Two news stories today on the near-mythical Los Zetas. (I’ll be posting much more on them later.)  Reuters’ Robin Emmott reports from Durango: A fight for control of the mountainous state of Durango has killed some 235 people this year, a jump in violence that poses a new challenge to troops already struggling to contain bloodshed along […]

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Pink Floyd Taka Taka on The Border

While working through my narco blogs out of Mexico this morning–a Zetas fan in Culiacan, Sinaloa offered this gem from Los Chirrines busting it out in Hussongs on the Baja. While the band obviously worked this up for the gringo turistas, the Thatcher-era  anthem also translates into a sardonic head-bopper for the New Gen narcos down South. Begin by substituting “Calederon” for “Teacher, […]

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My grandfather introduced me to the IWW when I was a boy tagging along at his side on the farm in Oklahoma. He showed me his tattoo. He told me about being a teamster–not a truck driver–a teamster driving a team of six mules. He told me about Chicago and Haymarket. He told me about […]

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