Homegrown Terror

Just added pdf of my Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists article..Homegrown Terror here This article can also be found in the Tenth Annual Edition of Violence and Terrorism, McGraw Hill Advertisements

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US Evangelical Push into Kurdistan

I’ve just posted my orphaned article on  US evangelical operations in northern Iraq and the dangers they pose as Kurds, Sunnis and Assyrian Christians wrangle over the oil-rich border areas of Kirkuk and Nineveh. To read it click here Note that Sara Palin is an adherent of the New Apostolic brand of evangelical Pentecostalism that […]

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Viva Zapata!

Today is Emiliano Zapata’s birthday..  gunned down in a political assassination 90 years ago, the revolutionary from Morales still lives.

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Interview with me in Z Magazine

An interview with me by Bill Berkowitz  on the US evangelical push into northern Iraq   is in current edition of Z magazine now on the stands. Online, it’s Subscribers only.  U.S. Evangelical Christians\’ Kurdish Crusade by Bill Berkowitz. Disclosing: Berkowitz and I collaborated on a investigative piece on Palin and the religious right  for Alternet

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