Amphetemines, Lager and Bicycle Chains



Perjury. 5th Amendment. Perjury. Perjury. 5th Amendment.Perjury….

Resulting in…?? Bupkis. Just a smirk and wave goodbye at the gateway. No criminal prosecution.

And none likely expected, despite all Audacious Hope.

In a just world (or even, a biblically sound world, for all those following along in The Book), the cornfed party enforcers and evangelical zealots Bush and Rove installed at DOJ like Schlozman and Regent University confection Goodling would  be summarily subject to a public gauntlet.

Stripped to their skivvies and brassieres under paint-peeling tungsten floodlights, hosed with a mixture of peanut oil and kerosene and thrust down a narrow alley lined with 15-year olds high on amphetemines and heavy-gravity lager wielding bicycle chains and firecrackers. 

In the greater public interest and as a cautionary model for law school students, the resulting civics lesson would be broadcast live on all available platforms.


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